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        Today's Generation is what matters


What’s happened to you is not nearly as important as what’s happened in you.


Fully Committed International Outreach Ministries is a Christian ministry that leads people to Christ. We offer individuals and families instruction on how to strengthen their faith. Today's generation and their parents can become stronger Christians by building a relationship with JESUS CHRIST THE SON OF GOD.

Additionally, we believe in helping the community in need by feeding the hungry and clothing the homeless.

Founder and Visionary Elder  E. Charles Doley also delivers Biblical based words of inspiration when you need encouragement. Help today's generation grow in spirituality with guidance from our Christian ministry.

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Our Vision
Founder and Visionary Elder  E. Charles Doley has 16 years of experience spreading the Word of God and helping those in need. He founded Fully Committed International Outreach Ministries to exert a positive change to the body of Christ by impacting the lives of men and women in need.

We are not a ministry of confusion but one of peace, love, and joy for those who are suffering. Whether you need inspiration or a meal, you will receive the uplifting you need from people that are guided by Jesus Christ.

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