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Founder/Visionary Edward Charles Doley Speaks
I wasn't like other kids my age. Instead of watching children's shows, every Sunday I would watch Dr. Bobby Jones, getting ready to go to church. I would actually sit still. Strapped with the unfaltering faith of an apostle, at six years old I spent half of my life traveling to different area churches, where I ministered the type of singing and preaching typical of a man ten times my age. I can remember like it was yesterday, standing in front of a full house on Sunday's, saying "c'mon,c'mon" with a raspy little voice screaming into the microphone at Asia Baptist Church in New Orleans. Clap your hands, stomp your feet.

"I don't know about you but God has been Good to me," was my refrain. For me, preaching is like a basic instinct. I love to spread the good News of the Lord. Praise is in me and there's only one way to let it out. I was a member of the West Bank Community Boys Choir and the winner of the 1994 youth gospel male vocalist competition. I didn't always sing solos. As a matter of fact, my grandmother said, "I always thought I was too young, but one day I proved them and myself wrong. My choir had just finished singing and the church was quiet. I went to the microphone and began to sing. The church went wild with inhibited excitement.

After that incident, my schedule became hectic, having to minister at nearly 50 churches since then. I was going to two to three churches a Sunday. My first grade year at Our Lady of Lourdes was a wonderful year for me. I was asked to start the school choir, so i did with twenty students. Our school choir had its first musical and it was also my first musical and for me to be able to host it at the age of 6 was a blessing. The special guest was the Late Raymond Myles. I've also had the opportunity to sing for the Quincy Jones, Mayor Moral, Governor Foster, etc.

I've also sang with Jackie Tolbert & Forever Praise, E-La-Te, Vision of Praise, Craig Adams, Davell Crawford, Dr. John, etc. I was a member of the Bountiful Harvest FGBC, where I served as an armor bearer to Pastor B. K. Richburg, Sr. Due to Hurricane Katrina, I relocated to Sunset, Louisiana, where God has placed me, and I was also the Youth Pastor for Greater Mount Sinai Full Gospel Baptist Church where Pastor Steven Hixon led. Now, I am the Founder and Visionary of Full Committed International Outreach Ministries.

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