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Feed Your Body and Soul

Feeding the Hungry is What We Do

Fully Committed International Outreach Ministries is a ray of hope in a world of cynicism. In addition to words of inspiration, our Christian ministry offers a variety of outreach programs that include clothing the needy and feeding the hungry. We also encourage today's generation to set goals and achieve them by following the Word. Grow in spirituality with guidance from our outreach ministry that specializes in feeding the hungry.

Christian Ministry
Our mission is not to condemn but to build soul winners for Christ. We help those in need understand that God takes care of them, no matter who they are or what they've done. We are committed to:

• Feeding the Hungry • Clothing the Needy
Preaching, Christian Ministry in Cankton, LA

Today's Generation
Fully Committed International Outreach Ministries is dedicated to building strong Christians from an early age. Sometimes, young people miss incredible opportunities because of lack of vision in their lives.

We help today's generation understand they must overcome every obstacle no matter how big or small to receive what God has in store for them. Hebrews 11 and 8 shows how Abraham had to travel off the map to receive what God had in store for him. We must do the same.

Outreach Feeding the Hungry
Our ministry meets the needs of the less fortunate by feeding the hungry and restoring hopes to families in distress. Call us for information about where you can get a good meal and a kind word from a fellowship of Christians.

Island, Feeding the Hungry in Cankton, LA
Inspiration for the Masses
Do you need to hear the Word? In today's society, we all need inspiration to overcome the assignment of the enemy. God wants you to succeed, and we show you how to reach your goals by following his divine Word.

Contact us at (877) 595-8792 in Louisiana. For more
information about our mission of feeding the hungry.